Pavel V Reyes Valdes
Mobile: (502) 296-4839

About Me

I was born in Cuba, where I started my career as a Lawyer, specializing in International Law and Copyright. Before coming to the U.S. I had the opportunity to live in South America for several years, where I've got involved in Real Estate and started to feel passionate about the profession. In my role as a Real Estate Agent, I strive to provide an excellent service to my clients with a fresh approach and a commitment to make them enjoy their buying and selling process. I use my previous legal experience as a tool for preserving my fiduciary duty with my clients.
I also invest in Real Estate by buying and holding rental properties. I work with Real Estate Investors, helping them find properties that make financial sense for their investing criteria and provide property management services. My ability to speak Spanish enables me to offer the same level of service to the increasing Hispanic population in Kentucky, as a way to reduce the stress related to the language barrier.
Either retail buyers, sellers or investors will find in me a friendly and professional advocate who will always have their best interest in mind. Please call 502 296-4839 or email at to schedule a free consultation with no obligation.